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Increase slider duration of twitter bootstrap default carousel with automatically cycle

By using this script you can easily handle the slider time, whereas interval: 3000 vary the sliding duration. You can also handle this by some of those ways:

Twitter bootstrap media query sizes

In Twitter Bootstrap, it follows Extra small devices ~ Phones (< 768px) Small devices ~ Tablets (>= 768px) Medium devices ~ Desktops (>= 992px) Large devices ~ Desktops (>= 1200px) And each of the different supported viewports have a particular …

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Get page information by page id in magento

In magento, we can easily check cms page by But when you want to show the page’s title or content then just follow this- echo Mage::getModel(‘cms/page’)->load(5)->getTitle(); Here 5 will be your page id. You can put $page->getId() on it. You …

Get exact data without loop for page in wordpress

In wordpress, for page.php; if you just echo without loop in this page or also content-page.php then the page’s title will be show properly. But if you want to show exact data without loop for page in wordpress by using …

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