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Used featured image in responsive purpose in wordpress

In responsive website, we must be needed to remove the fixed height and width. But in wordpress, when we show any post or pages featured image then width and height added with attachment-post-thumbnail wp-post-image class on image tag. Twitter responsive …

Hover dropdown menu in twitter bootstrap using jquery

In twitter bootstrap, we get default dropdown menu. When we click then it will be expand. But when we add data-toggle=”dropdown” data-hover=”dropdown” with replacement of data-toggle=”dropdown” then, without clicking dropdown menu will be expand by hover effect. Now you can …

Content show for wordpress registered users only

In wordpress, sometimes we needed to display contents for registered users only. In that case we can use wordpress shortcode on editor box. In functions.php, add this code. Here I prepare member for using shortcode on wordpress admin panel like

Get url segment in wordpress

Sometimes we needed to check browsing url which not defined as page, post or category. In this sense for wordpress we can get three different segments by this way.

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