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How to change the text selection color

Today I use the selected text color for my website. Its too simple. Just follow the code. For code optimization, you can use Actually, ::-moz-selection is used for mozilla.

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Show browsing ip address

Sometimes we needed to show browsing ip address. For this sense, you can show it easily in Codeigniter by using buildin function. For wordpress you can show it by using bellow code:

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jquery value put in input field

It too easy to put jquery value in your form input field or only input field without form (as a hidden value). here form_name is your Form name and product_order_id.value is your input field value and last product_order_id is the …

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Earn money from internet

Maximum time we trying to get google adsense code. But by using this code maximum times it needed some time for approval. But here are more sites which gives same facilities like google adsense. Those are same …

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